Web and App Design

Great design is essential to business. My design-thinking led process influences organisations for the better. Converging my design and business skills with industry insights obtained to create simple and memorable experiences for your customers. Enhancing the level of service provided digitally, increasing customer acquisition, revenue conversion and customer retention for your business.

Business Transformation Strategy

I am well equipped to understand your customer needs and where these overlap with your business goals – aligning them and uncovering the ideal path to meaningful customer engagement. Allowing for the delivery of strategic value to businesses via the application of product design thinking that will drive business outcomes faster – through educating and collaborating to help companies deliver transformational and resilient programs of work.

Customer Research and Testing

Data and insight determine how impactful your results will be – whether redesigning a website or transforming your business: I take care to learn about your industry specific objectives, and understand your business thoroughly – as well as empathising with your customer base. Providing you with clarity on the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address using a plethora of customer research methodologies and testing existing and conceptual solutions with them