On this page you will find information on design talks that I will be giving or have provided in the past. I believe in giving back to the design community, and this is a great way to do it. I always aim to add value to at least one audience member (hopefully more) with every talk, interview or panel discussion.

Upcoming design talks

UX Crunch – Leadership talk

25th February 2020 @ London, TBC

Customer Behaviours & Insights Conference

5th May 2020 @ London, TBC


UX Strat Conference TBC

June 2020 @ Amsterdam, TBC


Sorry if you missed it

Past design talks

European Digital Banking Summit

18th November 2019 @ Berlin, Germany
Redefining your online customer journey’s and user experiences in banking.

UX Live – My first 600 days running a design function

13th November 2019 @ Excel Centre – London, All day
Things I wish that I knew before hand and lessons for future design leaders.


Full talk video coming soon!


Tech Circus – Let’s talk UX

6th November 2019 @ Podcast/Webinar
Jay’s journey into user experience design and what to expect from his talk at UX Live on the First 600 days running a design function.

Watch the full interview on the Testingtime.com or the Testing time You Tube channel

Black innovators in digital

28th October 2019 @ Deloitte Digital London
Jay’s journey into user experience design, the challenges faced and tips on how to become successful and remain positive when the odds are stacked against you.

User-centred by design – lessons from startups and digital Gov.

18 September 2019 @ CodeNode, London, UK

As a design leader, Jay gives his insights into using user experience design to create fans not customers. He’ll be sharing his experience of how the UX&UI team at Metro Bank have shown the value of customer research and usability testing to drive propositions and how they’ve taken a strategic approach to implementing design governance and long-term resourcing as the business scales.

Cyber Duck: How to use UX in Marketing

12 September 2019 @ The Relay Building, London, 6-9PM

Is your digital strategy driven by – or drowned in data? Cyber-Duck and General Assembly are thrilled to invite you along to ‘How to use UX insights to improve your digital marketing’. Our three experienced speakers will share how to generate a data euphoria that will transform your marketing strategy, increase customer satisfaction and make your organisation more efficient.

GBG PLC: Future of UX for Fintechs

10 September 2019 @ London, UK

With the rise of mobile banking technology and FinTechs, the understanding of what banking is has shifted. And as consumers turn increasingly to their phones instead of their local branches, it’s raised questions around the future of bricks and mortar, and the future of banking.


Watch the full debate online


CX:BFSI Digital Customer Experience Conference

4-5 December 2018 @ London, UK

What are the latest customer experience trends, challenges and disrupters defining the direction of the industry? Our special guest speakers and panelist discuss their experiences and the future of digital customer experience.

European Digital Banking Summit

20-21 November 2018 @ Secret Location, Surrey

The European Digital Banking Summit is a private invitation only gathering that plays host to a community of senior Digital Banking and FinTech leaders from across the European Banking sector who come together to address some of the key challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Fintech Talents

30-31st October 2018 @ Olympic Park, London

It’s hard not to get excited about the ways in which technology creates the opportunity to do things in new and better ways; delivering better outcomes to individuals and businesses alike. Technically proficient labour is key to achieving and sustaining a cutting-edge and world leading industry.

Metro Bank Insights Launch

17th October 2018 @ WeWork Mansion House, 6:30-9PM

Join us for the launch of Insights! It’s our brand new AI-powered money management service helping customers make better decisions when it comes to managing their money.

Come along to meet the team and hear about the journey of developing Insights from our Heads of Mobile, Development and Design.